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Alabama: ex-SOS Worley indicted on campaign charges

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: Former Secretary of State Nancy Worley blamed her indictment Wednesday on a Republican conspiracy, a theory dismissed by a fellow Democrat whose complaint is believed to have sparked it.

Worley, indicted on five felony counts and five misdemeanor counts accusing her of soliciting campaign funds from employees in the secretary of state's office, said she has no plans to resign her vice chairmanship with the state Democratic Party because of a "mean-spirited" legal attack based on a campaign letter that didn't ask for contributions.

"It's another Republican political witch hunt," Worley said.

Ed Packard, her former employee who ran against her in the Democratic primary, filed the complaint believed to be the basis of the indictment. He doesn't see how Republican Attorney General Troy King could get a Montgomery County grand jury to join a vendetta. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Worley alleges GOP 'witch hunt'

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