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Minnesota: strip club owner cleared of voter fraud charges

The Pioneer Press reports: Exotic dancers, drunken patrons and employees registered to vote for Richard J. Jacobson as mayor in 2002, using his Coates strip club Jake's as their fake home address.

The scheme was illegal, unethical and completely "cockamamie," Jacobson's defense attorney acknowledged this week.

But a Dakota County jury found that the club owner himself was not guilty of voter fraud.

Jacobson, 36, of Prescott, Wis., was cleared Wednesday of criminal wrongdoing for unlawfully registering dozens of dancers and patrons to vote in Coates under a false address, a felony under state voter law.

The jury deliberated for more than six hours Tuesday and Wednesday before finding Jacobson not guilty of two felony charges conspiracy to commit forgery and conspiracy to procure unlawful votes.

Jacobson maintained at trial that he was relying on the advice of his former attorney, Randall Tigue, when he mounted his failed mayoral campaign.

For legal precedent, Jacobson and Tigue pointed to a letter written by a Dakota County prosecutor in defense of a group of Minneapolis police officers who listed their precinct station as their home address on their voter registration cards. -- St. Paul Pioneer Press | 03/15/2007 | Dakota County / Strip club owner wins in vote case

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