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It really is "voter fraud" at the heart of the Gonzalez 8

Devilstower writes at Daily Kos: When someone lies habitually, you come to expect more of the same. So when the Republicans gibber about concerns over "voter fraud" as the primary reason the eight US attorneys were dismissed, it's easy to laugh. Since when has this administration, or Republicans in general, been interested in stopping voter fraud? It's as if the pope had come out against silly hats.

Only in this case, the Republicans are quite serious. Voter fraud really is at the heart of the matter. But this is a different kind of voter fraud story. It has nothing to do with anything you might recognize by that name. What first stirred Karl Rove to wake up Bush, and then drove Bush to grouse to Gonzo, and finally ended up earning the attorneys steaming brown phone calls from Republican senators, congressmen, and staffers, is something that goes right to the core of both parties. ...

Republicans have always been at the other end of this fight. Republicans fear that, if Americans find it too easy to vote, Americans might... vote. They're especially concerned that minorities might vote. Having unequal access to polling stations is good for Republicans. Forcing people to make multiple trips and obtain new IDs to vote is good for Republicans. Anything that restricts voting in areas that lean toward Democrats is good for Republicans. In fact, with a Republican Party that's built around a collection of issues meant to appeal to the most radical on the right, every obstacle is a good thing. If Republicans could, they'd surround every polling station with a moat. And alligators.

Voter suppression is a lynch pin of the Republican strategy. They look on every "get out the vote" campaign among the general public, no matter how nonpartisan, as a direct threat. And well they should, since Democrats hold the edge not only in overall numbers, but in their position on issue after issue. -- Daily Kos: Selling Suppression

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