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Alabama: PAC-to-PAC transfers could be replaced by candidate-to-candidate transfers

The Mobile Press-Registers says in an editorial: STATE GOVERNMENT reformers should hold the applause for the House-passed ban on hiding the source of campaign donations by routing them through a thicket of political action committees.

The 103-0 vote on banning PAC-to-PAC transfers is a step toward more open and honest politics in Alabama, but lawmakers need to leap out of the unsavory past with legislation that makes campaign cash totally transparent. The bill approved by the House is fine as far as it goes; it just doesn't go far enough to ensure that big-dog political contributors can't cover their tracks. ...

If the House bill becomes law, you can bet that reformers will soon be casting a critical eye on "candidate-to-candidate transfers."

As part of his agenda for ethics reform, Gov. Riley proposed banning both PAC-to-PAC transfers and the practice of transferring donations from one candidate to another. In candidate-to-candidate transfers, a donor may give to Candidate A's campaign committee with the expectation that he or she will pass it on to Candidate B. The net effect is the same as a PAC-to-PAC transfer: It conceals the real source of campaign donations. -- Campaign reform bill has major loophole

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