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More money to PACs last year

The Politico reports: PACs are back.

Political action committees shifted their giving slightly last year but remained among the most generous and fastest-growing sources of campaign cash, a byproduct of sweeping finance reforms that banned unlimited donations from unions and corporations.

An analysis of PAC contributions provides a window into the dynamics of the Republican-controlled 109th Congress: PACs linked to hot issues such as health care and Social Security gave more money. Nearly all contributions went to incumbents. And Republicans received more than Democrats, a tilt likely to change since Democrats seized the congressional majority in November.

Setting aside the details, the growth of PAC giving $385 million to federal candidates in the 2006 elections, 17 percent more than in the 2004 cycle, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics highlights a fundamental change in campaign finance. The growth stems from an effort to more tightly regulate money in politics and, barring substantial legislative or regulatory reforms, the trend seems likely to continue. -- Last Year Saw Huge Rise in PAC Donations - Politico.com

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