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Iowa: House approves Election Day Registration

The Des Moines Register reports: The Iowa House approved a plan Tuesday that would allow Iowans to register to vote the day of an election.

Iowa's current law requires voters to register 10 days before primary and general elections and 11 days before other elections. The change would allow people to bring records to their voting location and register just moments before casting their ballot.

The proposal, House File 653, passed on a 54-44 vote, largely split along party lines. Rep. Walt Tomenga of Johnston was the only Republican to vote in favor of bill. No Democrats voted against the bill, which now moves to the Senate.

House Democrats said same-day voter registration would encourage more people to vote and that, in turn, would strengthen the political process. They based their proposal on a Minnesota law that has been in place more than 30 years.

Republicans, however, said the proposal is critically flawed because it fails to adequately protect against voter fraud. -- DesMoinesRegister.com

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