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Alabama: senate committee adds loopholes to PAC-to-PAC transfer bill

The Birmingham News reports: A Senate panel on Tuesday voted 10-0 to put several exceptions into a proposed ban on transfers of money between political action committees. ..

McLaughlin's bill, as passed by the House of Representatives last month on a vote of 103-0, would ban any political action committee formed by a lobby group, company or other organization from contributing money to another PAC. Such PAC-to-PAC transfers can hide a candidate's true source of political contributions.

Under the Senate committee's rewrite, PAC-to-PAC transfers would be banned except that any PAC still could give to:

Political parties and the parties' PACs.

Party caucuses and their PACs.

Legislative party caucuses and their PACs.

Organizations, which could have their own PACs, that use PAC money to get out the vote for candidates endorsed by those organizations. Mitchell mentioned the Alabama Democratic Conference as one group that would be covered by that exception.

The PAC of any organization "whose charter or bylaws mandate that the organization support candidates of only one political party so designated by the organization." -- Senate panel rewrites PAC bill

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