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Louisiana: Breaux says No after Foti won't say at all

The Times-Picayune reports: Former U.S. Sen. John Breaux said Friday that he will not be a candidate for governor this year.

Breaux made the announcement just hours after Attorney General Charles Foti declined to issue a legal opinion on Breaux's qualifications to run. A spokeswoman for Breaux said the lack of a definitive ruling persuaded him to back away from a campaign he has flirted with for weeks.

The statement from Foti said "the issue of whether Mr. Breaux has remained a Louisiana citizen for the preceding five years is an issue of fact, and one that appears certain to be litigated. Due to the restrictions imposed by law as well as this office's policies and historical practice, I must refrain from rendering an opinion on the ultimate issue of whether Mr. Breaux meets the qualifications to become a candidate in the governor's race." -- Times-Picayune: Updates: Breaux says he won't run for governor

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