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Arizona: Petition circulators accused of misleading signers

Capitol Media Services reports: Some people circulating petitions to change the redistricting process are misleading people into believing they are signing papers to lower gasoline prices, Secretary of State Jan Brewer said Monday.

"We have received maybe four or five people calling, claiming they were misled by the petition circulators," Brewer said, noting even one of her sons told her he was tricked into signing one of the petitions.

Brewer said she advised Ken Clark of the incidents and wants him, as organizer of the campaign, to put a stop to it.

Clark said Monday nothing illegal is being done.

He said two employees of a petition-circulating company used the ruse of asking people if they were interested in halting skyrocketing gasoline prices to get them to stop and talk. But Clark said after the would-be signers stopped, the circulators explained they had petitions to alter constitutional requirements about how congressional and legislative districts are drawn. -- Petitioners accused of misleading signers

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