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Michigan: Feiger airs TV ads attacking federal investigation of him

The Detroit News reports: Lawyer Geoffrey Fieger recently hosted a champagne and rock music gala, celebrating a 14,000-square-foot expansion to his law offices at a time when many in his position would lie low or even retrench.

Fieger faces a possible federal indictment over alleged campaign finance violations -- he has said he expects to be indicted -- and is in a protracted and acrimonious battle with four of the seven justices on the Michigan Supreme Court, where many of his cases end up.

As he expands his offices with extravagances such as outdoor fountains, bronze lions from the French Embassy in Morocco and the original bar from Southfield's Golden Mushroom restaurant, Fieger is ratcheting up his offensives against both the federal government and the Michigan justices he alleges are too biased against him to fairly hear his cases.

On the federal side, he is airing television ads critical of the investigation and alleges the FBI improperly used U.S. Patriot Act national security letters to obtain financial information about his employees. ...

The federal grand jury investigation of Fieger -- which is active, based on interviews and the fact five sealed documents have been filed in the case since June 7 -- centers on whether he illegally circumvented caps on political giving by reimbursing employees and associates for more than $50,000 in donations made to the 2004 John Edwards presidential campaign. Most of the donations were made on the same day.

Fieger has acknowledged paying bonuses to employees but denied doing anything illegal. -- Fieger fights back at legal woes

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