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Idaho: GOP'ers seek closed primary in federal suit

The blog Grassroots Idaho GOP reproduces this press release: 71 members of the Idaho Republican Party, including a number of members of the Idaho Republican Party State Central Committee and Executive Committee filed suit in the U. S. Federal Court in Boise, Idaho to require the State of Idaho and its Chief Election Officer, Ben Ysursa, Idaho Secretary of State, to honor the Rule adopted by the Idaho Republican Party on June 2, 2007.

Idahoans are still entitled to the basic protections and rights offered by the U.S. Constitution 220 years ago, including the right of association under the First Amendment. It is our intent to ask the court to restore those rights so that Idaho Republicans may stand together and pick their own nominees for political office, just as Idaho Democrats are allowed to stand together and pick their nominee for U.S. president. -- Grassroots Idaho GOP’ers file suit in Federal Court

Thanks to Steve Rankin for the link.


The Idaho Republicans' federal suit is unusual: 1)it's a class-action suit, and 2)the remedy sought is not what one might expect.

13 states (including Virginia and Mississippi, which have lawsuits pending) now have "open primary, public record."

Idaho is one of nine states with "open primary, private choice." Each primary voter picks a party in the secrecy of the voting booth.

The remedy sought by the Idaho GOP is a change to "open primary, public record." If this is the suit's outcome, non-Republicans will still be able to vote in the GOP primary. The difference will be that each of these voters will have to check
the "Republican" box on primary day.

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