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Ohio: at last, someone convicted of voter fraud

The Columbus Dispatch reports: A man with two residences who thought he had to vote in two counties last fall pleaded guilty today to two counts of illegal voting.

Claudel Gilbert, 38, a citizen who moved from Haiti in 1994 with his family, said he had an apartment in Franklin County before he bought a house in Licking County in 2006. He registered to vote in both counties.

Boards of elections in both counties sent him voter verification cards, and Gilbert thought his vote would not count unless he voted twice, said defense attorney Eric Yavitch.

An investigation was launched after the Nov. 7, 2006, election when his name showed up on a statewide database of all those who voted, officials said. -- The Columbus Dispatch : Immigrant pleads guilty to voter fraud

Hat tip to Gerry Hebert (who took time away from bashing von Spakovsky to send me the link).

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