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Colorado: county clerk proposes citizenship-check with voter registration

The Denver Post reports: El Paso County Clerk Bob Balink brings up an interesting point but one that always raises political hackles.

If the state is going to require that people be U.S. citizens in order to vote then it should allow election officials to verify that citizenship Balink argues.

But if the state doesn t want to require a check of citizenship then the law shouldn t even mention the word in its definition of eligibility. It would make sense Balink says to remove it.

But Balink doesn t want to remove the requirement. He just wants to be able to check for citizenship. Or else he says "How can I be sure I m following the law "

Balink a Republican insists "It s not a political issue. It s a legal issue." But of course it s a political issue too.

Republicans generally favor requiring potential voters to prove they are who they say they are. It discourages fraud they say.

Democrats generally oppose identity or citizenship checks because it discourages people from voting. Voting should be comparatively easy they say. -- The Denver Post - Should voters have to prove citizenship?

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