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Over There: Citizens abroad may find voting easier and more reliable

The New York Times reports: For Americans abroad, who often feel underrepresented, overlooked and little appreciated in the United States, the approach of the 2008 elections has brought some grounds for hope that this time their votes have a better chance of counting.

Last month, the nonpartisan Overseas Vote Foundation, or O.V.F., unveiled a revamped voter-assistance Web site that has drawn wide praise (www.overseasvotefoundation.org).

Dorothy van Schooneveld, of American Citizens Abroad, said the new software made it “rapid, simple and almost foolproof to register” from abroad.

Members of a new Americans Abroad caucus in Congress, which has tripled in size since its formation last spring, have introduced two bills aimed at simplifying voter registration, expanding voter education, and ensuring that expatriates’ ballots are counted. -- U.S. Takes Steps to Simplify Voting From Abroad

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