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Alabama: Woodruff files motion for reconsider in Supreme Court

The Talladega Daily Home reports: Attorneys for Talladega County Circuit Judge Chad Woodruff, attorney Buddy Campbell and members of the Talladega County Judicial Selection Committee have filed a motion with the state Supreme Court asking that body to reconsider a 7-2 decision essentially voiding Woodruff’s election.

In a Nov. 30 decision, a unanimous court held that a 2006 act providing for a gubernatorial appointment of Talladega’s third circuit judgeship was unconstitutional. Seven of the justices, however, held that the unconstitutional portion of the law was severable from the rest of it, meaning the position is to be filled by election in 2010.

Woodruff was elected in 2006 and sworn in in February of this year, after a circuit court ruling that the appointment language was unconstitutional and unseverable. This ruling was appealed and partially reversed by the Supreme Court.

Woodruff qualified for the office after the appointment bill had been passed by the Legislature but before it had been signed into law by the governor. -- Motion filed asking court to reconsider decision voiding Woodruff's election

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