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Alabama: Speaker to push 2 campaign-finance bills early in session

The Birmingham News reports: The leader of the state House of Representatives said Thursday that he will ask House members next week to quickly pass five bills dealing with ethics and campaign finance, to kick off what he hopes will be a productive legislative session. ...

The first bill Hammett wants the House to pass would ban or limit any political action committee formed by a corporation, lobby or other group from contributing money to another PAC. Such PAC-to-PAC transfers can hide the true source of contributions received by a candidate for governor or other political office.

Last year's bill, by Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, D-Guntersville, would have banned all PAC-to-PAC contributions.

But it died in the Senate, where some senators insisted that PACs retain the right to give money to political parties, legislative party caucuses and get-out-the-vote organizations such as the Alabama Democratic Conference. ...

The other four bills Hammett wants the House to pass early would: ...

Require people and groups to disclose the givers of money spent on any broadcast or published message aired or distributed within 90 days of an election that contains the name or image of one or more of the candidates and is clearly intended to influence the election. -- Hammett has five bills he wants House to pass quickly- al.com

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