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Alabama: voter registration up by 58,000 in 3 months

The Birmingham News reports: Alabama voter rolls swelled by nearly 60,000 in the three months leading up to next week's Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

Perhaps fired up by a flurry of visits by presidential hopefuls, frenzied voter registration drives and Alabama's new prominence in the primary process, the rush of people to sign up has Secretary of State Beth Chapman expecting an unusually high turnout Tuesday. ...

When registration closed Monday, 58,341 Alabamians had added their names to voter rolls since Nov. 1, bringing the total number of people eligible to vote in Tuesday's primaries to 2,757,111.

"These numbers would suggest there's an increased interest in this election," Ed Packard, the state's interim supervisor of voter registration, said. "And it would indicate we're tapping into people who were not registered to vote before." --

White women were the largest group of registrations in the final three months, at 21,568. They were followed by white men at 18,347; black women at 9,452 and black men at 6,390.

Packard said that racial and gender breakdowns are consistent with past years. Voter rolls in state swelled for primaries- al.com

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