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Puerto Rico: feds may be investigating governor's campaign finances

The New York Times reports: The rumors wash up against the gray walls of La Fortaleza, the governorís palace in this cityís colonial quarter, with the regularity of the oceanís waves. Every few weeks they seem to gather momentum, like a tidal surge, and threaten to overwhelm the place and its occupant, Gov. AnŪbal S. Acevedo VilŠ.

At one moment, the word on the street is that the governor will be arrested before the weekend. At the next, he will be spared, though several of his close associates will fall.

And so it has gone for more than two years while federal investigators have looked into accusations of campaign finance violations relating to Mr. Acevedo, a Democrat, who is up for re-election this year. ...

The federal authorities have refused to make any statements about the case; what is known publicly about the investigation has been gleaned through leaks and the scant information provided by witnesses who have testified before the grand jury. According to those witnesses, investigators have asked about the finances of Mr. Acevedoís 2004 race for governor and about his successful campaign in 2000 to become the resident commissioner, Puerto Ricoís nonvoting delegate to Congress. (Mr. Acevedo has said that if there were improprieties in his campaigns, he was not aware of them.) -- Puerto Ricoís Political Melodrama Plays On, With Its Governor in the Lead Role

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