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Michigan, Florida: looking a way out

The New York Times reports: With the two Democratic presidential candidates in near-deadlock and battling for every delegate, party leaders and the rival campaigns started searching in earnest on Thursday for a way to seat barred delegations from Florida and Michigan. But they remained deeply divided over how to do so.

After weeks in which the issue hovered in the background, it shot to the forefront of the Democratic race as it became apparent that the delegates at stake could be vital in influencing whether Senator Barack Obama or Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the nomination.

Mrs. Clinton won the most votes in primaries in Florida and Michigan in January. But the states held their contests earlier than allowed by the Democratic National Committee’s rules, leading the party to strip them of their delegates to the nominating convention. Neither candidate campaigned actively in the two states, and Mr. Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan.

Mr. Obama has maintained a slim but steady lead over Mrs. Clinton in delegates awarded by voting in the primaries and caucuses of other states. The Clinton campaign is hoping she can translate her advantage in the popular vote in Florida and Michigan into a big share of their combined 367 delegates. -- Democrats Try to End Impasse Over Delegates - New York Times


Florida and Michigan, along with all the other big states is takes you to win the electoral college--Commander in Chief. The Party is not going to turn on Hillary. She turned Texas blue...literally, has not been done in over 20 years. The party wants the White House, Obama can't win without the conservative democrats or the support of Hispanic America. So what is best for the party is Hillary as President. Besides, Obama in VP which is liability enough, since he might be in jail or at the very least the Republicans have a whole lot of ammo. But you can read more about that way below, first Florida and Texas:

Since Obama and Clinton's name were on the FL ballot the results should stand as is. Least no one forget that Obama violated the "gentleman's rule" that no candidates go into FL for fundraising or campaigning - he did - for a fundraising events and commercials.

Michigan on the other hand has a bigger dilemma. Obama petitioned to have his name taken off the ballot--weird by itself--perhaps a early money issue or just a huge management error on Obama's side. However, Without Obama on the ballots it was pretty obvious that he was the uncommitted or undecided vote percentage. By no means am I saying give that percentage to B.O. and be done with it, but having another primary may be the only option. However, a percentage divided on the popular vote would be the fairest.

Look folks, other than Illinois, NC, GA (I'm gonna give those to B.O.). MO by the way was a equal percentage split, Hillary has won all of the major electoral states. (Assuming she wins PA and right now I'm gonna check that one in her favor) If this were based on electoral votes she has 307 (with PA, IN, WV, OR, FL, MI) he has 231 (with MT, WY, SD, MS, NC, KY). I have no idea why I'm giving him KY.... So right there that proves she has national electability. (Remember 260 is needed for Prez nomination)

But this is a democracy the last time I checked and EVERYONE in this nation deserves to have their vote counted. You must leave FL results as is and more than likly re-vote in MI. In Michigan, voters are not going to be happy voting twice no matter how you cut it--Obama should not have petetioned to take his name off the ballot--his error--no one elses!

From: investigative reporters and internationally respected newspapers: Check out: Mansion 'mistake' piles the pressure on Barack Obama, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3433485.ece and teachers retirement money and another foreign fairy: Corruption trial threatens frontrunner http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3466827.ece

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