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Florida: 11th Circuit reverses injunction on new registration law

In Florida State Conference of the NAACP v. Browning, the 11th Circuit has reversed the injunction against Florida's voter registration law. Here is the opening paragraph of the decision:

This is an appeal of a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of a Florida voter registration statute as being preempted by two different federal statutes. The state law would require as a precondition of registering to vote for the first time in Florida that the voter disclose her driverís license number or the last four digits of her Social Security number on the registration application, and that this number match up with the number for this voter contained in the state driverís license database or the Social Security Administrationís database, respectively. The district court held that plaintiffs, several organizations representing the interests of minority communities in Florida, had standing to challenge the statute, would likely succeed at trial on the merits of their claim that federal law preempts the enforcement of the state law, and would suffer irreparable injury absent provisional relief. Accordingly, the court preliminarily enjoined the enforcement of the state statute. We affirm the district courtís decision on plaintiffsí standing to prosecute this action and reverse its decision granting the preliminary injunction.

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