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Alabama: $40,000 for "exclusive" donor events

The Mobile Press-Register reports: At least 86 individuals will enjoy access to Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, thanks to their pledges of $40,000 each to a Republican fundraising committee designed to gain control of the Legislature. The state GOP says it won t release their names until January, when campaign finance reports are due.

Alabama Republican Party Executive Director John Ross also said the party would not specifically identify donors to the Governor s Circle on the party s report.

Members of the Circle have pledged $10,000 a year over the next four years as part of the fundraising program called Campaign 2010. In return, the donors have been promised access to exclusive events and conference calls with Riley. ...

State law does not require the disclosure of donors until the January reports, and neither Democrats nor Republicans are known to disclose donors before legal requirements kick in. -- Donors in Riley s Circle kept under wraps- al.com

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