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Michigan and Florida: DNC Rules Committee to meet on 31 May

AP reports: A plan to award half-delegates for the disputed Michigan and Florida Democratic presidential primaries will get a hearing before party leaders.

The co-chairs of the Democratic National Committee s Rules and Bylaws committee sent members a memo Friday announcing a meeting May 31 to consider the idea.

The committee stripped Michigan and Florida of their national convention delegates because they held primaries too early. DNC members in Michigan and Florida have filed challenges to restore the delegates.

Under the challenges, all superdelegates from both states would get to vote. The pledged delegates would only count for half votes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton won both contests and has been pushing for the delegates to be seated.

Her rival Barack Obama has said it isn t fair to award delegates based on the votes because all the candidates agreed to boycott the contests and his NAME wasn t on Michigan s ballot. Most of the Democratic candidates had their NAMEs removed, but Clinton left hers on. Forty percent of Michigan voters chose uncommitted rather than vote for Clinton. -- The Associated Press: Delegate challenges concerning Florida, Michigan to be heard

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