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Alabama: incumbent forgets to qualify for short term

The Birmingham News reports: "Election law is really quirky," said Sid Browning, Jefferson County supervisor of elections. "This is a prime example. It's really confusing." ...

Even if incumbent Bessemer Division Tax Assessor Andy Smith wins the November general election, he will be out of a job for a year.

Ron Yarbrough, meanwhile, will be the next tax assessor for that period - because he filled out qualifying paperwork that Smith didn t fill out.

A 1957 state law that applies only to Jefferson County requires political appointees to run for the unexpired term of their predecessor if the appointment was made more than six months before the next general election.

Gov. Bob Riley appointed Smith 18 months ago to replace the retiring Karen Tucker. When qualifying to run for office, Smith, a Republican, should have qualified to run for the balance of Tucker's term as well as a new term. -- Bessemer Division Tax Assessor Andy Smith will be out of a job even if he wins general election- al.com

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