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R.I.P. -- Jordan Wright

The New York Times reports: Jordan M. Wright, who at 10 was thrilled to learn that politicians hand out self-promotional baubles, then collected more than a million bumper stickers and other campaign artifacts — from the time of George Washington to that of George W. Bush — died on May 11 at his home in Atlantic Beach, N.Y. He was 50. ...

Mr. Wright, a lawyer, businessman and publisher, died just as his political treasure chest (if “Clean Up With Ike” bars of soap can be called treasure) was getting wider notice. This year, he published a book with pictures and commentary on his vast collection, and next month, the Museum of the City of New York will exhibit some of it. In recent months, interviews with Mr. Wright have appeared in newspapers around the country, as he and a tiny fraction of his collection have toured. ...

Few could forget what the museum calls his “one of a kind” porcelain and cloth doll depicting, when held upright, President William McKinley. Turned upside down, an African-American baby can be seen. The doll was meant to be a reminder of the rumor that Mr. McKinley had fathered a black child out of wedlock.

Another proof that old-time politics were at least as dirty as today’s version, and evidently stranger, was the brochure produced by President Warren Harding’s father-in-law. His disenchantment with his daughter’s groom can be gleaned from the title: “The Serious Lesson in President Harding’s Case of Gonorrhea.” -- Jordan Wright, 50, Political Archivist, Dies

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