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Black Caucus receives "offensive" T-shirt about Obama

The Washington Post's Sleuth blog reports: The president of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation is disturbed by an offensive t-shirt the group received in the mail Wednesday, the day after Barack Obama claimed his party s presidential nomination. The shirt has a cartoon image of Curious George, the beloved children s character, with a paper bag over his head holding a sign that says A Truth We Can Believe in 08!!! written underneath.

CBCF President Elsie Scott says she believes the timing of the package was no coincidence. We received it as a reaction to Obama winning the nomination, she tells the Sleuth. ...

Scott said she found the t-shirt "offensive" and when she looked more closely at the back of it, she became "very disturbed" and reported the contents of the package to the hate crimes unit of the D.C. Metropolitan Police.

The back of the shirt lists several African American organizations, ranging from the CBCF and the NAACP to the Black Surfers Association, the Black Coaches Association and Obama's former church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It prints the United Nations' definition of "racial discrimination" and states, underneath the listing of all the black organizations, "Who is really causing the Racial Division." -- Black Group Offended by Delivery of T-Shirt - The Sleuth

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