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Why campaigns need lawyers who know about more than chad and petitions

CBN News reports: The Brody File first reported that the Obama campaign will be launching The Joshua Generation Project aimed at young Evangelicals and faith voters. Well, it turns out there may be a legal issue with the NAME. Read below from Roll Call.

Sen. Barack Obama is about to launch his latest outreach to religious voters, but the NAME of the group could land him in legal trouble.

First reported on Friday by Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody, Obama s Joshua Generation is designed to help the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee appeal to young evangelicals.

But "Generation Joshua," a division of the Home School Legal Defense Association, has been established since 2003 and is pursuing legal action against the Obama campaign.

"This is an improper invasion of our trademark and we ve retained legal counsel to notify the Obama campaign to stop this," HSLDA's co-founder, chairman, and general counsel, Michael Farris, told Roll Call on Monday morning. The conservative group plans to notify the Obama campaign later today. -- Obama Campaign may be Sued for Joshua Generation Project - The Brody File: David Brody Blog - CBN News

Note: Google the two words Joshua Generation and see how many hits you get. It's like calling your church Mt. Shiloh Baptist Church. Thousands of them.

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