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Alabama: complaints about absentee voting in Bullock County

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: Two unsuccessful candidates for seats on the Bullock County Commission claim widespread absentee vote irregularities in the June 3 election and want a state investigation.

Clarence "Bubba" Blue and Terry Jackson said Monday that hundreds of absentee ballots were cast for their commission opponents and those votes made the difference in their losing campaigns.

"It's worse here than in Perry County, and we want the attorney general to seize the absentee ballots to see how many were illegal," said Blue, who lost to incumbent Commissioner Johnny Adams Jr.

Blue defeated Adams by 271 total votes in the district's 16 precincts, but was overwhelmed by Adams in the absentee box. Adams received 736 absentee votes to 76 for Blue. It gave Adams a 389 vote victory.

Alonzo Ellis Jr. won the District 4 nomination, defeating Jackson by 77 votes. Jackson held a 311 vote edge at the precinct level, but Ellis far outnumbered him in the absentee box -- 592 to 204.

Blue said Adams and members of his family "actively solicited" absentee ballots before the June 3 election.

Adams admitted he and relatives "helped" Bullock County residents apply for absentee ballots, but said it was not done to "break any laws." -- montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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