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Alabama: another county with an absentee ballot investigation

The Daily Sentinel reports: Jackson has been added to the list of counties with reports of voter fraud allegations.

According to a press release from the Alabama Secretary of State s office, more than one week after the primary election, reports of alleged voter fraud continue to come in.

Since we first exposed alleged voter fraud in Perry County, reports of voter fraud have come out of the woodwork across the state, Secretary of State Beth Chapman said Thursday.

The press release stated that reports from Jackson County have come in with the names of people who allegedly bought and sold absentee ballots. ...

“We have exposed the deep, dark corruption of voter fraud and are glad to join hands with the Attorney General to shine light on it and end this disgraceful cycle that has gone on far too long in Alabama,” Chapman said. -- The Daily Sentinel

Notice that Chapman says "alleged" and then tells us how she really feels.

Hat-tip to John Tanner for the link.

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