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The Sunday Herald reports: LABOUR LEADER Wendy Alexander faces a Holyrood ban after a parliamentary sleaze watchdog found her guilty of breaking the rules on MSPs' conduct by not declaring donations to her leadership campaign.

The Sunday Herald understands Holyrood's standards commissioner Jim Dyer has issued a report to a parliamentary committee stating Alexander should have declared most of her 16,000 leadership campaign war chest as gifts.

If the committee accepts the findings it could punish Alexander with a suspension from parliament for a limited period of time, which would mean the Labour leader being barred from taking part in debates or First Minister's Questions. Another sanction open to the committee would be censure.

The revelation comes as the Electoral Commission, which regulates election finances, admitted it allowed Scottish politicians to break the law for five years before considering using its criminal sanctions. It believed politicians needed half a decade to "learn" about new laws governing their behaviour. -- Wendy Alexander Faces Holyrood Ban After Watchdogs Guilty Verdict from Sunday Herald

You assignment: Compare and contrast with investigations by the FEC (when we have one).

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