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Environmental group "goofed" and violated electioneering rules

The New York Sun reports: An environmental group has filed federal disclosure reports on almost $710,000 worth of advertisements lobbying lawmakers in advance of a key vote on climate change legislation. However, the Environmental Defense Action Fund is not disclosing who donated the money for the television spots.

The belated reports arrived at the Federal Election Commission three days after an article in The New York Sun noted the group's legal obligation to file because some of the ads mentioned the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, within 30 days of a primary she faced on June 3. Other ads in what the group described as a $4 million campaign to promote a so-called cap-and-trade bill ran in advance of primary elections for Senator Dole in North Carolina and Senator Pryor in Arkansas, according to the federal filings, which are supposed to be filed within 24 hours of airing a reportable ad.

"We just goofed," a spokesman for the environmental group, Keith Gaby, said. "We've never in my experience done TV ads with members' names in them, so we're just not familiar with the territory. We found out from your question that we had to do it."

The explanation did not mollify an official at the Club for Growth, an antitax group that mounted a smaller $250,000 TV campaign against the climate change measure. -- Group Files Climate Change Ad Disclosures After Delay - June 18, 2008 - The New York Sun

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