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Alabama: too many absentee ballots?

The Birmingham News reports: Disproportionate numbers of absentee ballots in some counties have caught the attention of state elections and law enforcement officials, and the attorney general's office has seized voting records in Perry, Lowndes and Bullock counties. Attorney General Troy King has scheduled a press conference for this morning to discuss election fraud allegations. ...

Chapman said it's perfectly acceptable for candidates and campaign workers to urge people who can't get to the polls because of work, travel or illness to vote absentee.

What's crossing the line is when "vote brokers," armed with absentee ballots, try to sign up entire neighborhoods or when absentee ballots are filled out in exchange for cash or gifts. ...

In a poor, rural and isolated county such as Perry, lack of transportation to the polls can be a hindrance for people. More than one-third of people in Perry County live in poverty. Nearly 20 percent are disabled, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That could account partly for the increased number of absentee ballots. -- Small counties' big absentee numbers raise suspicions in Alabama secretary of state's office- al.com

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