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Nevada: term limits valid, court holds; 21 find their campaigns are over

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports: One day before Nevada's early voting was set to begin, the state Supreme Court confirmed Friday that an amendment to the state Constitution barring public officials from serving more than 12 years is valid -- effectively ending the campaigns of 21 veteran officeholders.

However, state legislators who were elected in the Nov. 5, 1996, election and officially took office before the term limit provision became effective on Nov. 27, 1996, are not affected by the ruling, the court said in a second opinion.

A lawmaker's term in office begins the day after election, so those who won their seats in 1996 were already on the job when the term-limit amendment was finalized. But public officials begin their jobs in January, so those elected in 1996 didn't start work until 1997, after the amendment's effective date. -- State's high court: 12-year limits valid | www.rgj.com | Reno Gazette-Journal

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