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Illinois: independent candidate sues to get on congressional ballot

The Lake-Forester reports: Allen Stevo is suing the State Board of Elections to try and regain a spot on the November ballot for his independent candidacy in the 10th Congressional District.

The action came July 28, the same day the state board voted to remove him from the ballot, finding he had submitted less than 7,000 signatures, while independent candidates are required to submit at least 10,285.

Stevo stated he's "challenging Illinois draconian restrictions on independent candidates who attempt to gain a spot on the ballot. Illinois' restrictions are widely considered among ballot access experts to be the most severe in the country, ranking next to those in Georgia and North Carolina."

Stevo was required to submit 10,285 signatures to the State Board of Elections. His Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, was required to submit 673. His Democratic opponent, Dan Seals, was required to submit 1,001. That is a difference of 9,612 and 9,284 respectively. -- <span class=redtext><b id=red>Updated 7/31: </b></span>Stevo files federal suit to regain ballot spot :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Lake Forester

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