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Alabama: Cheney's receipts and expenses for the campaign trip to Birmingham

Left in Alabama asks about the reported take from VP Cheney's campaign trip to Birmingham:
Does that math work for you? 100 guests times $500 each equals $50,000. They only say that "several" paid $2000 per couple for the photo op. Several is a loose term, but I don t think it stretches to the 37 to 50 couples needed to make up the difference between that $50 000 and the "$125 000 to $150 000 raised." I have another question about the amount raised. Assuming Cheney really did bring in $125,000, is that gross or net ? Because there were some expenses, you know. Did Shoal Creek Country Club donate the space and the lunch? Surely the Republican Party had to pay for that out of the receipts. What about the Alabama state trooper escorting the motorcade or the Birmingham police and Jefferson County sheriff s deputies who blocked adjoining roads What about the cost of feeding Blue Moon barbeque to the 75 people who remained on Cheney s plane while he was at the Country Club? In fact, what about the cost of flying Cheney and that huge entourage down here for a fundraiser? -- Left In Alabama:: Cheney Visit - Does This Math Work For You?

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