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New York: Dem candidate accused of voter-petition fraud

Brownsox writes on Daily Kos: It's been an eventful few months for the Jack Davis campaign. First, they succeeded in getting the "millionaires' amendment" struck down. Then came allegations of bribery against the Davis campaign. In the meantime, Davis flooded the radio airwaves with the worst campaign songs anyone has ever heard.

Now, witness the latest of Davis' alleged transgressions: the campaign is under investigation for voter fraud. From a press release from Davis' primary opponent, Orange to Blue candidate Jon Powers:

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY Michael Violante, the Niagara County District Attorney, announced today that his office will be investigating claims of petition fraud committed by Jack Davis' campaign for Congress in New York's 26th District.

Yesterday, Niagara County Democratic Chairman Dan Rivera requested a formal investigation from Violante's office into "petition irregularities" in petitions circulated for Jack Davis by a member of his paid staff, Kelly Taylor. Violante today announced his office would investigate on the matter and begin interviewing witnesses.

"Jack Davis is using fraud and bribes so blatantly that the District Attorney has decided to investigate. This behavior lacks honor and is unacceptable for a candidate for Congress," said Powers for Congress Campaign Manager John Gerken. "The voters of Western New York deserve a congressman who puts their interests first, not yet another congressman embroiled in scandals." -- NY-26: Jon Powers' primary opponent investigated for voter fraud

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