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Alabama: would-be congressional candidate sues over petition-signature requirement (court doc attached)

The Birmingham News reports:
A retired Gardendale contractor who wants to run as an independent candidate in the 6th Congressional District has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the law he said requires him to get 6,155 signatures of qualified voters before he can be on the ballot.

Andy Shugart, in the lawsuit filed in Birmingham's federal court, contends state law violates his constitutional rights and is more restrictive than necessary by requiring he get the signatures. His suit said independent and minority party candidates for president or vice president are required to file a petition of at least 5,000 signatures. ...

The suit names Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman as the defendant. Jean Brown, the secretary of state's chief legal adviser, said the office had not been served with the suit and she was unable to comment.

The suit said Shugart meets all the qualifications to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, other than the requirement that he file a petition signed by 3 percent of qualified voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election. Shugart said he thought about running for office in the past, but there were always problems with ballot access. -- Gardendale congressional hopeful sues over signatures needed for petition- al.com

The complaint is attached here.

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