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Connecticut: VA and state Secretary of State reach agreement on voter registration (policy attached)

A New Haven Register report begins: A compromise between the state and the U.S. Veterans Affairs medical center Thursday ended the threat of a lawsuit over blocked efforts to register veterans to vote, but there are still limits on who can participate.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal declared a victory for democracy when Roger Johnson, administrator for the two federal veterans’ medical centers in Connecticut, agreed to allow Byziewicz to conduct a voter education session and registration inside the West Haven facility Thursday.

Johnson, however, said Bysiewicz only would be allowed to register in-patients at the hospital and the handful of veterans who live there.

Staff and outpatients will continue to be excluded, although Byziewicz managed to register a few people outside the hospital before a press conference on the issue. -- VA, state reach deal on voter sign-ups

The Register links to a statement of the Election Assistance Commission and the VA's policy.

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