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Alabama: Secretary of State takes action to get more former felons registrered

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund recently did a survey of voter registrars in Alabama and found that few of them knew the correct rules as to the registration of voters who had been convicted of felonies. In response, the Secretary of State's office has taken action:

1. Writing to "every voter registrar, informing them that we had received correspondence alleging that in some counties, voter registrars were not following the guidelines set forth in the Attorney General Opinion 2005-092";

2. Enclosing "in the letter to the registrars a statement to be signed by each registrar acknowledging that he or she had read the opinion (a copy of which was included in our letter) and further acknowledging that the registrar agreed to abide by that opinion's guidelines"; and

3. "[F]urther instruct[ing] the registrars to contact the Secretary's chief legal advisor in the event that they had any question as to whether a specific felony is a crime involving moral turpitude."

The letters are attached. Congratulations to the folks at LDF and thanks to Secretary of State Beth Chapman.

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