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Alabama: drive to register the homeless

A Montgomery Advertiser report begins: John Cook Thomas would like to cast his vote in the November election for Barack Obama. ...

Despite living in the Salvation Army's homeless shelter, Thomas pays attention to politics and he plans to register to vote.

And advocates for the homeless and for voting are encouraging people like Thomas to get registered.

"When you're homeless you have a lot of issues you're dealing with," said Michael Stoops, project director for the 'You Don't Need a Home to Vote' campaign. "But some homeless folks are up on current events."

Thomas is one of those who keep up with current events in spite of the other problems in his life. He came to live in the shelter almost four months ago after his disability check was reduced. But he's aware the outcome of the presidential election does have an impact on his life. -- montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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