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Alabama: Sec of State trying to undo the Governor's overinclusive disqualification list

AP reports: A list of crimes compiled by the governor's office and used to disqualify Alaba­ma voters includes hundreds of fel­onies -- such as animal cruelty and shoplifting -- not previously considered serious enough to cost convicted criminals their voting rights.

State court administrators say the list includes far too many of­fenses and has been wrongly used for months by county registrars to disqualify an undetermined num­ber of state voters ahead of the Nov. 4 presidential election.

Republican Gov. Bob Riley's of­fice said it did nothing wrong, but Democrats say the move may cost tens of thousands of qualified vot­ers their right to cast a ballot next month -- a number large enough to sway the outcome of some races.

The secretary of state's office said it is trying to determine the size of the problem and fix it before Election Day. Officials haven't been able to determine exactly how many voters may be affected because of how new the informa­tion is and the huge number of dis­qualifying crimes involved. -- Riley's list states shoplifting should disqualify voters | montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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