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Colorado: Governor calls out Sec/State for mistake about voter registration forms

The Aspen Times reports: Arguing that recent voter registration missteps have threatened to disenfranchise many Colorado voters, Gov. Bill Ritter on Thursday called on Secretary of State Mike Coffman to correct errors and mend Colorado voter confidence.

Ritter’s primary concern was a letter prepared by the Secretary of State’s Office and mailed by many county clerks, including Janice K. Vos Caudill, the Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder. The letter incorrectly told more than 4,000 registrants with incomplete applications that any deficiencies had to be rectified by Monday, Oct. 6. In fact, voters have until Election Day to fix deficiencies in their applications.

In the letter, provided to The Aspen Times by Caudill, the incorrect date is underlined for emphasis.

Caudill said she has received “stacks” of incomplete applications this year. She explained that many would-be voters have incompletely filled out a section of the application that requires a driver’s license or Department of Revenue (DOR) identification number. The form allows voters to provide a Social Security number only if they don’t have a license or DOR number. However, many voters misunderstand the instructions and believe they can provide either number, said Caudill. -- Voter registration gaffes have officials scrambling

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