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Alabama: Sec/State says there is no misuse of SSNs

A Montgomery Advertiser blog post reports: Secretary of State Beth Chapman says Alabamians are not being removed or hindered from voting because of any problems with their Social Security Numbers.

The Social Security Administration sent out a press release claiming a number of states had more requests to check social security numbers for voter registration purposes than usual.

Since that time, there have been questions about checking the social security numbers for voter registration purposes and whether individuals were being removed from the voter list if there was a problem with a social security number. ...

Chapman said she accounts for the large number of checks on social security numbers due to a major increase in voter registration applications being processed by the Boards of Registrars.

“One county has registered over 35,000 voters in less than three months,” Chapman said. “We are all working over and above what we have seen in prior elections. I can sympathize with the Social Security Administration’s abundance of work, because we all have an abundance of important work to do at this time. -- Chapman: \"Alabama Voters Not Removed for Social Security Numbers | montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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