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Alabama: 2 teachers claim NEA forced them to contribute to Obama

The Mobile Press-Register reports: Two Daphne Middle School educators allege in a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission that their teachers union illegally funneled funds to a political action committee, and ultimately forced them to contribute to President-elect Barack Obama's campaign, according to the document.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a nonprofit based in Springfield, Va., that joined and filed the complaint on behalf of the educators, asked the FEC in Washington to investigate a "union scheme" that seeks to divert members' money to the National Education Association's political action committee, according to the complaint. The Right to Work Foundation provides free legal aid to employees who feel that a union violated their human or civil rights, according to the agency's Web site.

Robert Chanin, general counsel for the National Education Association in Washington, said he hasn't seen the complaint yet, but his office will represent the local and state affiliates. Generally, officials receive instruction in federal law compliance, he said. Chanin said he believes a review of the facts will prove the association followed the law, as has been the case in previous challenges. ...

Daphne Middle School Assistant Principal Jeanne Fox and eighth-grade science teacher Claire Waites allege in their complaint that after they were elected to serve as local delegates to the July National Education Association convention in Washington, they were forced to make a donation to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. -- Two Daphne educators say teachers union made them to contribute to Obama campaign - al.com

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