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Texas: Rep. Barton's campaign fund lost $703k in stock market

CQ Politics reports: Texas Rep. Joe L. Barton ’s campaign reported losing $703,500 in the financial markets last year.

A large chunk of those stock market losses — $196,900 — were in shares of four companies that have a stake in the bills handled by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where Barton is the top Republican.

Barton is one of a handful of House members whose campaign accounts are heavily invested in stock and bond markets, and, like many other investors, his campaign savings took a pounding when the stock market crashed. ...

It is legal for lawmakers to invest campaign money, and House conflict-of-interest rules do not apply to campaign holdings.

But the confluence of Barton’s legislative jurisdiction and campaign assets raises questions about the propriety of the arrangement. -- Campaign of Energy Leader Lost $700,000 in Markets

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