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Alabama: prosecutors did not charge Sen. McClain with misuse of campaign funds, but want to enhance his corruption sentence any way

The Birmingham News reports: Federal prosecutors today will ask a judge to sentence former state Sen. E.B. McClain to 17 years in prison.

A lengthy prison sentence is warranted, prosecutors say, because McClain has a penchant for breaking the law for personal gain, a claim they plan to back up by introducing evidence of illegal conduct for which McClain has not been charged. The sentence is also needed to send a stern message that public corruption won't be tolerated, they say. ...

From 2001 to 2007, McClain routinely broke state law by taking campaign funds for personal use, according to the sentencing memo. According to prosecutors, McClain:

Either transferred or deposited directly at least $85,000 in campaign funds into his personal account, then used those funds to pay personal expenses.

Made at least 26 ATM cash withdrawals from a campaign fund totaling $8,500 and used the money at dog tracks and casinos in Alabama and Mississippi.

Used more than $14,000 in campaign funds to buy furniture and appliances and to make mortgage payments. He also made $4,400 in ATM cash withdrawals on another occasion. It's unclear what that money was used for. -- Federal prosecutors seek to sentence former state Sen. E.B. McClain to 17 years and the Rev. Samuel Pettagrue to 14 years - Page 2 - al.com

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