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Alabama: PAC-to-PAC transfer bill dies after effort to tack on anti-Artur Davis provision

The Birmingham News reports: Legislation aimed at helping soldiers overseas vote electronically in elections died Friday after the Senate added an unrelated provision to prohibit a federal campaign from giving to a state race.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman said "political games" killed the bill. ...

The House passed the military voting bill, but the Senate on April 30 added language that would prohibit a federal candidate or officeholder from transferring funds to a state campaign for office. Doing so would be a violation of the Fair Campaign Practices Act, senators wrote.

Chapman and legislators said Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, made the change to the bill. Several legislators said they thought the change was aimed at stopping U.S. Rep Artur Davis from transferring his federal campaign money to his state race for governor. -- Military voting bill dies on final night of session; Chapman says politics killed it - al.com

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