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Alabama: state requirements for ballot access upheld

Ballot Access News reports: On July 23, U.S. District Court Mark Fuller, a Bush, Jr., appointee, upheld the number of signatures required for an independent U.S. House candidate in Alabama. Shugart v Chapman, middle district, 2:08-cv-1016-MEF. Here is the 7-page decision.

Alabama requires 5,000 signatures for an independent presidential candidate, but in 2008 it required 6,155 for an independent U.S. House candidate in the 6th district. Alabama is the only state that requires more signatures for any independent candidates for U.S. House than it requires for an independent candidate for President. -- Read the whole story and get the link --> Ballot Access News Blog Archive U.S. District Court in Alabama Says State May Require More Signatures for U.S. House than for President

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