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Alabama: Autauga Co. judge orders registration of rejected applicant

The Prattville Progress reports: Autauga County Judge of Probate Al Booth granted this week a request for summary judgment from an 18-year-old woman whose voter registration applica­tion was denied in July, and ordered the county's board of registrars to immedi­ately add the woman's name to the coun­ty's list of registered voters.

Booth's decree brought to a close a controversial rejection by registrars of a voter application form filed by Jasmine Dent, a resident student at Tuskegee Uni­versity who moved from Millbrook to Prattville shortly before she started classes.

When Dent attempted on July 6 to reg­ister to vote here, she inadvertently put her Elmore County address on the origi­nal application, then wadded the erro­neous registration form and tossed it into a trash can at the board of registrars office.

She completed a second form, provid­ing the correct residency information, but Registrar Bobby Wise retrieved the original and noted on the second form that the document should not be approv­ed because it was "fraudulent," although he refused to specify upon what grounds his decision was based. Fellow registrar Joan Hamburger also signed off on the denial. -- Read the whole story --> montgomeryadvertiser.com :: Judge: Add woman to voter rolls

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