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Alabama; 2 GOP reps to introduce bills to reform campaign finance

The Huntsville Times reports: Campaign reporting by public officials included in package

Two area Republican legislators said Wednesday they will sponsor a package of bills in the 2010 session aimed at raising the bar of transparency in state government and elections, and among public officials. ...

The bills included in the package would: ...

Ban transfers among political action committees and also among principal campaign committees.

Require campaign finance reports filed with the secretary of state to include the occupation and employer of donors giving $100 or more to a campaign.

Require last-minute campaign contributions be electronically filed with the secretary of state's office for public disclosure immediately before an election. The legislation would also require all campaign and PAC reports to be included in a searchable database available to the public via the Internet. ...

Ban candidates who fail to file campaign finance reports from seeking office again. -- Read the whole article --> Orr, Ball to sponsor reform bills - al.com

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