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Alabama: winning candidate withdraws because of campaign-finance violation

The Cullman Times reports: With the shadow of an election violation hanging over his campaign, Jerry Parker captured the most votes in the Republican runoff Tuesday. But in a dramatic turn moments after the totals were announced, he declined to accept the party's nomination.

Parker said he had learned from the state attorney general's office that his failure to file a portion of his campaign financing papers on time could not be overlooked or amended. ...

I told you in the beginning I was no politician. I will stand on my principles; I take full responsibility for my actions. This is my fault and my fault alone. Unlike others, I will not cost the county I love so dearly one cent by fighting a lawsuit I can’t win.

“I want to see the Republican Party get on with the business of running my party, the party of Reagan. Therefore, I cannot and will not accept the Republican Party’s nomination for associate commissioner. God bless America and God bless Cullman County,” Parker finished. -- Read the whole story --> Commission shocker » Top News » CullmanTimes.com, Cullman, Alabama

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